Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A virtual wall for everything

We have been learning, thanks to Facebook, a new way to communicate. Now millions of us not only have e-mail or IM to communicate online, we have also "The Wall" or open public or semi-public boards in where we can post about a topic or about a person. It is interesting how we learn to post comments that more than our target will read.

During my previous birthday I received more posts on my wall and mentions on Twitter, than e-mail or phone calls and there are multiple cases or reasons for people to use this channel instead of the regular ones.

I consider that we are using SMS, e-mail and IM to communicate with our top relationships (siblings, parents and close friends). We use Twitter and Facebook to communicate with our community (All friend, peers, colleagues, etc) and there are new tools to communicate with others about an specific topic or to meet people (Pineterst and now Quora)

So this communication channel is great, it's open, it's fast and enhance collaboration.

You might know I am one of the founders of Droneme, in where you can also create an publish Walls, but the interest thing here is that you can create a wall about anything or everything without registering and you can share these walls on the off-line world through QRCodes. The posting process is also open (without registration) so we were looking to have and offer the fastest way to publish about any topic using digital and real walls. That's it!


There are the basic walls, like your school, building, office, street, in where the related community can post in an anonymous way. Why????? to also enhance HONESTY. A trend that we have seen in walls is that due the relationship to our profiles, the conversation is limited. In some cases too nice, in some other just a few participate, so having an open wall in where you can post without registering and without your profile will give everybody the chance to express them selves which as consequence will drive better content.

We are not embracing anonymity to do wrong, we are embracing anonymity to grow, to have better content.

Better content = better experience = better collaboration

Try it, create a wall. Write something about me http://www.droneme.com/gzones1974 or about Droneme http://www.droneme.com/droneme

There are multiple ideas about how to use it, but the must important is the one that it is going to be useful to you.

The trend is not only the wall channel, the trend is open collaboration and community communications

Remember what Gabriel Garcia Marquez said:
Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life

For the Public life you have Facebook and Twitter
For the Private life you have e-mail and SMS
For the Secret life you have Droneme


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