Thursday, August 5, 2010

We all love the future! and I hope it comes more health care related

I had the chance last week to listen to John Battelle, Wierd Magazine co-founder at the IAB Conecta event in Mexico City.

That might be the presentation that impressed me the most! not only because he is a great speaker who has access to very relevant information every other day, but, he shared with us his honest aspirations covered of vision and passion.

We all love to hear about the future, but when talking about technology we can hear the most amazing or weird ideas and we do not know what the future will be... maybe the crazy non sense idea will be the one we live... Anyway, Battelle focus part of his conversation on how the integration of mobile, location, augmented reality, web of things and e-commerce could be in the near future.

"we could go into an apparel store, check in, put our phone over the jeans wall and easily identify our size and style... we can take the jeans and just leave with out going to the cashier or using any clerk... and we will be charged on our selected credit card for the exact amount, plus personal discounts or assigned coupons immediately. Awesome! and real"

We are not far from that. today we can check in a lot of places... we can use augmented reality to bring information to real things, that if it is related to us, can be filtered, etc, etc, etc... Who could be working right now on this? who will be the innovator who will bet on this and probably will loose, due the low consumer adoption, but that will build the pilars of the future... ? who is that guy?

but not only for this.. who will be building it for health care? it is clear that consumption drives our lives in terms of innovation (in a lot of cases, not in all of them) but what can we do to start building or developing similar technologies but for health care? Nowadays I am sure there are a lot of tech innovators creating useful and incredible technologies for health care, but I am not sure if there is one integrating technologies in order to make something like the previous story but for health care...

how the story could be for health care? there are a lot of potential uses but I will share the first one that comes to my mind:

Physician in a drug store:
Physicians will be able to be informed and updated in places like drug stores, just pointing from outside the counter to a new drug, being able to pull not only the latest info, but the summary of the latest symposiums related to the desease that the drug helps to manage... the summary of the yesterday's presentation done 10,000 miles away from that drug store... or the latest clinical trials to demonstrate effectiveness OR compare live between presentations or competitor drugs... imagine the potential to educate not only all the time, but helping them to not spend the time, but as soon as he check-in all the info is presented to his specialty and based on his medical preferences... if he is more oriented to try new treatments the basic comparisons will be like that and he actually will be able to leave a recommendation just to his/her patients no matter from where city, state or country, in where he will be able to share info to be delivered in any format JUST to his patients at the moment they stop by any drug store with the intention of buying the drug related to his/her comments....

This is not new... it is possible today... what is behind is the user... what is behind is the GUI or NUI simple development for this kind of applications... I hope the universities are giving this ideas to future physicians so they can ask for them

I am sure there are companies not just thinking on how to make this happen now, but also building more incredible things and if not!!!! do it!

This is not just a fancy idea is the future of information sharing, maybe not exactly like this, but easier and more powerful. I hope the Sermo's Symposier's Ozmosis and all others have this kind of things on their pipelines



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