Sunday, September 5, 2010

What the new Apple TV meant to me and how 2011 will be the TV apps year

There is nothing new about the new Apple TV, some tech bloggers and publishers confirm. Besides the price almost all of them see something very similar than the previous Apple TV and I am not talking about technical changes, like streaming vs. syncing or size, because there are some obvious evolutions there... but the one that impacted me the most and made me realize that we should be TV ready is the AirPlay future!!!

AirPlay will not only allow to stream video content from your iPod, iPhone, MacBook or iPad. In the future (and I think early next year) will be open to stream any kind content from these sources. what is this potentially amazing?

Let's talk about the obvious potential benefits:

1.- Gaming:
Kids, young adults... all gamers will be able to bring to the big screen their games, while keept the ipod or iphone as their joystick with all it's current capabilities (motion, speed, etc) but not only that... a big screen will bring not only a zoom to current screens (like the iPhone apps behave on an iPad) but I assume the apps will have the iPhone user interface and the one to be streamed taking advantage of the TV screen with more content and better images (in size terms) . Multiplayer with out a console? in a big screen? and with best joystick? (buttons on my phone to control the games on TV... the joystick creativity will explode, between motion and now having private images for the player or new controls ideas...

2.- Video / TV new and better sources
It is very difficult to do alliances and partnerships in all over the world with all the TV networks and content producers, but what will happen if they can serve them selves and can create their own apps (by show or by channel). We will be able to have the Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN apps not only to stream recorded content, but to see live content and pay per subscription or on-demand and they will be able to set up their own prices.... But better than that we will have an user interface competence between all of them. I see a 2011/12 in where my CNN app will allow me to stream the live news to my TV while having the user to interact with the content on my phone... (stocks graphs, references links to wikipedia or related news on my phone) I will be able to stream the US Open from CBS and have all the statistics and tournament info on my phone or iPad, like the way we do today, but live, not with a delay and with the capability to have an extra level of interactivity (replays, camera control, tickets to buy, etc...) I know you might say " today we can do that" and it is true, but in the future will be just with ONE click, just ONE app will bring you all of these features... convenience will drive the more and better content consumption and interaction.

We wont have any more boxes next to our TV in our home in 2015 and 2011 will be the beginning... the phone or tablet will be our box to manage video content, live and recorded.

the utility for other industries will be amazing! no more laptops to connect in the meeting rooms, schools sharing the best technology at a low price but great volume, Zagat will give us the info of the restaurant, while we stream a slide show or video of this one to share it with our friend and family in the living room before leaving to have dinner.

The TV wont be the 3rd screen for the users... will be our best extension in where we will be able to stream our recorded and LIVE content.

why this will be also a great opportunity for Apple? They are on the content distribution business, but also in the apps business... they will be making more money... they do not have to build the marketplace trying to sell a new console... they already have hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPods and iPads around the world who will be ready to push content to their TVs...

Now I know why the Apple TV was a hobby... because (I think) that will be just a temporary enabler, but in the future I think Apple will allow TV Manufacturers to implement AirPlay as a standard component...

Thanks for readying these ideas, I am sure you must have great ones and will be great if you share those with us


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The new Digg


I really like the new Digg. Not only because you can connect your RSS just validating it with a key but as a user I see now a better benefit, versus following news on Twiter or Facebook. I am planning to use Digg as my news source early in the morning instead of going to multiple sites or using aggregators like Pulse.

Go to use it and let me know what you think about the new site

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We all love the future! and I hope it comes more health care related

I had the chance last week to listen to John Battelle, Wierd Magazine co-founder at the IAB Conecta event in Mexico City.

That might be the presentation that impressed me the most! not only because he is a great speaker who has access to very relevant information every other day, but, he shared with us his honest aspirations covered of vision and passion.

We all love to hear about the future, but when talking about technology we can hear the most amazing or weird ideas and we do not know what the future will be... maybe the crazy non sense idea will be the one we live... Anyway, Battelle focus part of his conversation on how the integration of mobile, location, augmented reality, web of things and e-commerce could be in the near future.

"we could go into an apparel store, check in, put our phone over the jeans wall and easily identify our size and style... we can take the jeans and just leave with out going to the cashier or using any clerk... and we will be charged on our selected credit card for the exact amount, plus personal discounts or assigned coupons immediately. Awesome! and real"

We are not far from that. today we can check in a lot of places... we can use augmented reality to bring information to real things, that if it is related to us, can be filtered, etc, etc, etc... Who could be working right now on this? who will be the innovator who will bet on this and probably will loose, due the low consumer adoption, but that will build the pilars of the future... ? who is that guy?

but not only for this.. who will be building it for health care? it is clear that consumption drives our lives in terms of innovation (in a lot of cases, not in all of them) but what can we do to start building or developing similar technologies but for health care? Nowadays I am sure there are a lot of tech innovators creating useful and incredible technologies for health care, but I am not sure if there is one integrating technologies in order to make something like the previous story but for health care...

how the story could be for health care? there are a lot of potential uses but I will share the first one that comes to my mind:

Physician in a drug store:
Physicians will be able to be informed and updated in places like drug stores, just pointing from outside the counter to a new drug, being able to pull not only the latest info, but the summary of the latest symposiums related to the desease that the drug helps to manage... the summary of the yesterday's presentation done 10,000 miles away from that drug store... or the latest clinical trials to demonstrate effectiveness OR compare live between presentations or competitor drugs... imagine the potential to educate not only all the time, but helping them to not spend the time, but as soon as he check-in all the info is presented to his specialty and based on his medical preferences... if he is more oriented to try new treatments the basic comparisons will be like that and he actually will be able to leave a recommendation just to his/her patients no matter from where city, state or country, in where he will be able to share info to be delivered in any format JUST to his patients at the moment they stop by any drug store with the intention of buying the drug related to his/her comments....

This is not new... it is possible today... what is behind is the user... what is behind is the GUI or NUI simple development for this kind of applications... I hope the universities are giving this ideas to future physicians so they can ask for them

I am sure there are companies not just thinking on how to make this happen now, but also building more incredible things and if not!!!! do it!

This is not just a fancy idea is the future of information sharing, maybe not exactly like this, but easier and more powerful. I hope the Sermo's Symposier's Ozmosis and all others have this kind of things on their pipelines


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Groupon, is it really a good option?

I just want to express a big disappointment. During the past year or more, became not only a hot new company, a trend and a great option for buyers in the USA and afuture good option in other countries, including some in Latin America.
There are now hundreds of copycats and vertical solutions on different industries.
I wont discuss the GUI or business model, but the deals. In March 13th, 2010 I wentto Groupon interested on a sailing deal.

It was to me a great deal, saving me more than 50%, from $180 to $79 USD...

Wel, I went this morning to the vendor's site, in order to find out more about how to register or book my lesson and what did I find?

The regular cost is just $1.00 (one dollar) more than the "deal" that I bought... I really hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like I am... how many deals are not really "hot deals"? how many buyers are just paying a little bit less? I do not have a big issue for 79 USD, but why this is happening? supposed to be a mega deal and now it seams it was just advertising. I am sure Groupon can no control their advertisers price list, but how to expand the business without loosing control on this matters, that actually are the real utility of the site?

Now I will be buying "deals" only of things that I know the price before I see the deal, in where I am aware of the price range before... I do not want this to happen again and maybe I wont be using again...

The web is about utility, usability and likeness... I always repete this, and what supposed to be a great utility... was just an illusion. this hurts the web, the trust on e-commerce and the attractiveness of new trendy sites

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 4 step process for Digital Marketing

I know all of us have our own method or we adopt what we think is the best for us.

I like to share this time the process that I built for all the Digital projects in where I participate. This is not an official method from the company I work for, this is what I do on my DM projects.

Also, I had the chance to present these ideas on March 24th at the Eye For Pharma, Latin America Online Marketing Summit 2010.

Intro: Nowadays we can find a lot of Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and some other Social Media efforts from the Pharmaceutical Companies. I do celebrate the effort and experimentation, but each one of them knows what they are trying to achieve. Social Media is an open forum in where we should drive the conversation. For corporate or personal use, these forums are not to talk to all, about all or participate in all the discussions. There are specific channels for specific conversations or process. As a personal human... we won't answer a request that could impact our security or jeopardize in any way... I AM NOT TALKING about openness, I am talking about defining the GOAL of this channel or platform and then improve and adjust on the way, but based on a goal. I think that it is not healthy for any one to listen, communicate or interact about all topics in the same channel, because this will create noise and the benefits will be lost for all the participants. Well, my point here is that Big Pharma is testing the water and now, some of them are publishing corporate news, investor relations, general info and some other actions, but I am sure no one already found out the best way... and I think is because we are "testing" the channel and not supporting a goal, so that is why I "think" it was relevant to re-enforce the method and not promote the experimentation for experimentation. I do agree with pilots, but Pharma has been experimenting and killing digital opportunities, because we tend to think in the opposite way "pilot the channel with out an specific goal, different of experimenting the channel will always fail".

I want to say again that I acknowledge the efforts from JC, J&J, AZ, PFE, etc... but I do not think the brands or other Pharama companies should think that they (the ones above) have a best practice... they are just practicing .

That is also why I want to share my process (which is from my own perspective and it could be wrong from some others perspective... I am not saying this is the holly grail)

1.- The steps are easy:
  • Identify Challenges
  • Define Actions
  • Produce
  • Distribute
I always add an extra one which is Optimize, but for the purpose of this blog it is not relevant

2.- Identify Challenges
Marketers, Communicators, Sales, Customer Service all of these areas have challenges, opportunities, risks, etc... and that is why the Marketing, Sales, Brand plans are for... to define strategies to helps us achieve our goals, right? so why I keep hearing that the goal is to use Twitter???? that can not be a goal. and believe me, we still hearing the "let's do SOMETHING in Twitter, lets USE it"instead of being open during the plan development process or the optimization process to these and other Digital alternatives. That is why I remember always to my clients and team that we should understand first the GOAL and then... the next step

3.- Define Actions
I am not proposing to limit our actions just to one... The beauty of the Internet is that we can do all 3, but if we not define which one will help us to tackle our goal, then, we will be lost trying to do all of them.
  • Research (Listen)
  • Publish (Communicate)
  • Interact (Engage)
These are the 3 only activities that we can do online... all that you can think or want to add is inside on one of them and we should think what will need to produce or set up for each one of them. We can limit our selves to just Listen, but then we wont deliver or we can communicate without listening, but that will be like just talking in an empty stadium. Or we can communicate different things from what we listen and then we wont engage with our audience. We should think very well how and which actions will help us to achieve our goal

4.- Produce
Utility, Usability and Likeness... All the above actions should have a process and a deliverable with these 3 principals. It has to be useful (the content, process, topic, ALL); it has to be usable (the GUI, the IA, the PROCESS behind each action, the access to our information or the process to engage...) and it should be attractive (the style, look and feel, everything) should be as our audience is expecting it from us

5.- Distribute
Finally! identify how to distribute your actions. a Website? a micros site? a Twitter account? a Fan Page on Facebook? Search marketing? it could be a lot of these, but now you know that these are going to be distribution or gathering channels, but NOT the goal

In the presentation below I post some examples:
a.- M3 in Japan is the #1 physicians site and its a site in where physicians find video presentations from different Pharma companies... distributing through content partners or this kind of sites it is important, we could have the BEST web site with live video support from sales reps... but our audience goes to other place to do so and not just from you, but from all pharma companies... So do not hink that ALL your actions should be in a website... maybe is just creating content and publishing somewhere else

b.- Be up to date. Telepresence is a technology that allow us to have a better distance collaboration experience, not just for corporate meetings, but to interact with our partners and customers... that is also Digital! Digital is not only a PC, the internet lives every day more and more outside the PC as we know it

c.- Adjust the experience to your audience. A video or webcast its not for every body or the Graphic User Interface to find the content could not be the most friendly to all our users or for all our purposes. If you know what you want to do, understand your audience and define your actions, then when defining the utility and usability + likeness, you will define the best scenario to deliver your action and this is a very good example in where the content was posted in a 3D environment that allowed the audience to find the presentations in a way they knew how to do it! because they go to multiple life congress, then.. for a month, a virtual congress was set up for them

d.- When delivering a message or listening your audience, go where they express them selves in the same environment wish you could listen or help. Do not approach a client when he or she is with he or her family or friends, or resting, or entertaining... in this case... try professional networks, like Sermo, Ozmosis or Symposier

Bellow you will find out the presentation that I used during my lecture. Again this is my personal perspective and I just like to share it with you


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sitios anti-nice que funcionan wow! para hacer dinero. Los infomerciales en Internet

Tengo algún tiempo queriendo compartir mi punto de vista sobre algunos sitios que considero carentes de diseño, pero que tienen resultados brillantes en cuanto a ventas. Mi punto no es criticar el aspecto gráfico de estos sitios, sino enfatizar como el diseño gráfico es "subjetivo" y NO es necesariamente el factor principal para algunos targets o en algunos contextos. Un sitio provee una experiencia satisfactoria, cuando cumple en cuanto a utilidad, facilidad de uso y es atractivo desde la perspectiva y las expectativas de su audiencia objetivo.

El contenido, su arquitectura, el estilo, accesibilidad, formato y diseño son los factores que hacen relevante a la información... Un sitio puede ser un éxito entre críticos de diseño tipográfico, pero probablemente NO para su audiencia, ya que no cumple al 100% con un contenido útil o simplemente no es fácil de usar o accesar... de ahi que continuo insistiendo que esos 3 criterios son los mas importantes (utilidad, facilidad de uso y atracción). Y hoy quiero mostrar sitios que NO cumplen tanto con la parte gráfica, pero eso no significa que no son atractivos, utiles y fáciles de accesar para su target.

Estos sitios son como música POP, la cual no es la favorita de los conocedores y conocedores, pero cumple y rebasa las expectativas de la audiencia a la que va dirigida.

Vamos... estos sitios son como Here I go again de White Snake... Ningún experto o fan del metal lo considera Heavy Metal o ni siquiera Rock... fue muy criticado, pero vendieron muchos millones mas de discos que varios de sus críticos, y esto fue, porque su audiencia no eran Metal fans, sino fans de música POP con curiosidad sobre el Metal, por lo tanto... White Snake y esta canción, el video, el look de la banda, etc.. hicieron click perfecto

Quiero también mencionar que existen sitios que considero MUY atractivos gráficamente, como el sitio de Get the Glass de la campaña de Got Milk o el sitio de Water Life . Estos sitios no los he revisado en cuanto a su utilidad, usabilidad o que tan atractivos son para su audiencia. tienen estupendas herramientas de usablity y son graficamente MUY atractivos, pero no los he revisado por completo y solo los incluyo como ejemplos de sitio gráficamente muy bien logrados.

Por otro lado tenemos sitios que son MUY útiles, tanto, que se han convertido en los sitios que utilizamos con mas frecuencia y esos sitios son como todo
s los de la lista de Time " 50 Best Websites 2009 " pero tampoco voy hablar de estos y sólo los incluyo para ilustrar el concepto de utilidad, pero sin que haga algún análisis completo.

Finalmente! hablo de sitios que son HORRIBLES gráficamente, pero que son útiles, prácticos y atractivos (atractivo NO es simplemente en cuanto al aspecto gráfico) para su audiencia. Sitios que veo cada vez mas en Internet, que no son una tendencia gráfica, pero que las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas están utilizando cada vez mas, para hablar algún producto en específico y sólo quiero enfatizar algunos aspectos de ellos, que me parece que son una buena enseñanza y que probablemente son algunas de las razones de su éxito.

1.- La propuesta de valor es lo primero que se lee y la plantean muy bien a partir del problema del cual son la solución. (un básico del marketing y que aveces olvidamos...) te recibe con un gigantesco header que te explica rápido el propósito del sitio y servicio. Y no sólo te presentan la propuesta, sino que te la venden como si fueras MUY afortunado por haber encontrado el sitio y te van a revelar un secreto (Un tanto tipo infomercial). Me parece que la intención de hacerlo ver tan pobre gráficamente, es para venderle la idea al público, de que John Jonas, quien es el que vende el servicio de consultoría de Replace My Self, es una persona cualquiera, y que hizo esto con mínimos recursos, para compartirnos esta "maravillosa" oportunidad... Nos vende con este look, que atrás de el no hay una empresa con un músculo de marketing haciendo y diseñando campañas... sino que el simplemente prendió su computadora, se conectó y comenzó a escribir, para compartirnos su experiencia... Me explico? nos está vendiendo el concepto del Yes we can!!!!

A mi lo primero que me evocó fue desconfianza... pero al leer toda la historia que cuenta.. es evidente que él tiene todo MUY bien planeado y por eso el sitio se ve como un blog. NO oficial! John Jonas vendió a través de esta página mas de un millones de dólares el año pasado y vende un servicio de información. No hay nada que se entregue! no hay nada que se produzca! y ATENCIóN, NO es un blog! aunque así parezca! se ve como uno, pero no lo es y BTW revisen cuantas veces repiten estos sitios que te van a dar algo gratis antes
de comprar...

2.- Cuentan una historia completa (relatan un cuento), en múltiples formatos (video, texto, audio, imágenes), para llevar y te regalan la solución a tu problema

Estos sitios tienen un formato tipo blog, pero no son actualizados como blog, asi que la audiencia se encuentra con un formato en donde sabe que puede hacer scroll y terminar de leer el mensaje sin que tenga que cambiar o hacer click para profundizar mas. Estos sitios cuentan CUENTOS muy bien. No te describen los features como si fuera un sell sheet... te cuentan como descubrieron la oportunidad que te van a ofrecer y te presentan MULTIPLES testimoniales. tiene un video en donde
el presentador comenta como fue que descubrió esta cura para adelgazar y te "regala" un pdf con la info para hacerlo. En el mail que te envía está el link que describe la solución, uno no tiene que pagar nada mas, pero CLARO, el presentador ya hizo parte del trabajo que se requiere para comenzar esta dieta y si haces click en un link, te explica como te puede ayudar directo él y ahi muestra multiples testimoniales de su solución. O sea... en el home de su sitio te explica como adelgazar GRATIS, pero como requiere mucho trabajo el preparar la dieta, aunque no lo necesitarías... le puedes comprar su producto... Y POR ÚLTIMO... YA NO TE PUEDE VENDER NADA, POR QUE ESTA SOLD OUT!!! asi que te ofrece el que te puedas inscribir a una lista de espera! wow!!!
Quiero destacar también que en varios de estos sitos puedes leer la historia, bajar un mp3, ver un video o algún otro formato! son buenísimo en cuanto a accesibilidad. se adaptan a ti no tu a ellos

3.- El mismo call to action por todos lados!

En todos estos sitios hay varios botones para ordenar el producto o continuar leyendo hasta convencerte. Muy bien logrados hay botones de "Buy Now", "don't wait more", "do it", etc.... Muchas veces creamos sitios que se ven como piezas de museo, pero no hay un call to action claro, estos sitios que menciono, tienen varias veces EL MISMO call to action. el sitio del famoso programa en USA P90X es un buen ejemplo de los call to action, no sólo puedes comprar online, también está el teléfono todo el tiempo.

No creo que esta enseñanzas apliquen al 100% para todo, pero si son interesantes ejemplos. Es un nivel superior a eBay o Craig List, pero NO es algo profesional; es como comprar en un fleat market ...

Mi punto NO es decir que estos sitios están bien y otros NO, sino que cada día mas y mas gente puede comenzar a vender de una forma semi-profesional o tener este approach de fácil acceso y vamos a ver mas y mas de estos infomerciales online de gente como nosotros, ya que están funcionado en cuanto a ventas, cuando el producto es un buen producto.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Google BUZZ is "good" but Yahoo! WTF????

Sorry for switching to english again, but it will be just for this post, as I want Yahoo! to be able to read it.

Background: I used to be a Yahoo! employee during 2007 (Mexico's Business Development Director) and I was a Yahoo! mail/finance/front page/ myYahoo!/ sports/ Delicious/ Flickr and other properties user since long time ago....

Google Buzz is having a lot of attention and I should admit I have been readying and playing with it and so far I do not have a strong opinion about it. I do not know if it is going to be the next big thing or the next big forgotten thing in some months (like Wave, which maybe will comeback in some months and I think it is awesome), but when I first saw and played with Buzz and then I started to see comments and articles, like the ones from Jason Calacanis.... in where he suggest Buzz is better than Facebook and Twitter... I started to remember with disappointment again to my dear Yahoo!
Buzz can not be the next Facebook very soon, as it is embedded into Gmail, which is good for the current users, but Gmail it is not the leader on web mail or even e-mail, so when we think in all the Buzz potential to be adopted very fast by a lot of users... that sounds like a relative reality, because it will be adopted by just a % of the current Gmail users, who are less than 15% (maybe more in reacent months, but not too much) of the e-mail users...

I do not want to write about Buzz and if it is good or not, but I like to talk about Yahoo! Their #1 property is Yahoo! Mail and 2 years ago they started to talk about their plans to make it more social (like Buzz) and nothing big really has happened.... As usual Yahoo! is slow, slow, slow and unfocused.

Here you have a Jerry Yang's video (from CES 2008) in where he describes how mail would be evolving to something more social... some of the things that he presented are now part of Y! Mail but NOT ALL OF THEM, NOT THE INTERESTING ONES and that is Yahoo! they do not evolve from that hypothesis, they do not even implemented ALL the ideas! where is my all messages monitor? or my friends comments on other social networks? or the map to browse my friends' local status? if these features are already there, why do not know about it, why there is no buzz!!!!! on it?

The thing with Yahoo!, to me, is that they become too much afraid. They do not risk. I work now for a Pharmaceutical company who is faster developing and implementing IT and digital marketing initiatives than Yahoo! and I say this based on experience in both companies. Yahoo! became too complex losing their capability to innovate. They can deliver new experiences to more than 500 million users and they let others to do so. I like to have new alternatives from start up companies, I believe a big chunk of innovation comes from them, but the R&D department inside Yahoo! (or at least the R&D practices) is good, but we do not see their efforts very often because they keep testing and testing and testing and testing, trying to avoid risks... well now their risk management process became their own new risk!!!!!

be faster, give us an alternative on Yahoo! mail! finish what you promised 2 years ago (and not just with Yahoo! mail) do not invest in fancy campaigns just be more like a start up and less slow than a turtle, that is why all your users (like me) uses every day less and less Yahoo! products.

I wrote all of this with an honest feeling about Yahoo! I really respect what the brand achieved. We can talk a lot about how they do things wrong, but they still are the #2 destination on the world.

They just do not get it. They are loosing every day more and more and that is because of them, not because Google or Facebook or anyone else.

The learnings to me are:
1.- we have to minimize risks but we should not stop risking, we NEED to risk in order to win
2.- be fast, fast, fast and good, good, good

Thanks and let me know what you thinkg

Sunday, January 31, 2010

La ya muy trillada iPad

La semana pasada vivimos el lanzamiento de la iPad de Apple. Hay que reconocer que la expectativa era grande y también que la atención que tuvo el evento es digna de un blog por separado.

Muchos comentarios, percepciones, evaluaciones, opiniones, etc ha generado una pieza de tecnología. Algunos decepcionados (que no usaban una Tablet y esperaban poder usarla o querían una Mac Tablet y no un iPod Tablet), otros muy motivados y unos más proponiendo como usarla y como mejorarla.

Yo simplemente quiero compartir mi punto de vista y el como planeo aprovecharla.

(sobre la expectativa que se generó, sólo quiero decir que varias empresas pagan millones de dólares por tener sólo un 1% de la atención que tuvo el evento, el cual logró una alta audiencia, como consecuencia y premio a lo bien manejado de la marca, al cumplimiento de promesas y al ser la plataforma de innovación para otras grandes empresas... Apple marca (o refuerza) tendencias, que evolucionan gracias a ella) ...ok, dicho lo anterior:

1.- La iPad para ventas
La utilización de "Tablets" para ventas no es nueva, desde el lanzamiento de las primeras talet PCs, las fuerzas de ventas vieron la oportunidad de utilizar una mejor plataforma para mostrar contenido multimedia a prospectos o clientes. Girar la pantalla fue un gran avance y varios asi lo han aprovechado. Hoy en día hay mejores tablet PCs, mejor desempeño (imagen, velocidad de encendido, procesamiento de imagenes, peso, etc). Podemos decir que las Tablet PCs son una buena herramienta que está evolucionando a ser una herramienta estándar dentro de las fuerzas de ventas corporativas, ok... bueno, las Tablets ahora tienen un nuevo benchmark en cuanto a performance, La iPad tiene una excelente imagen, se enciende muy rápido (no hay un sistema que inicié en mas de XX segundos), está diseñada para manejar audio y video perfectamente, ligera y a un mejor precio o similar que una Tablet PC (no una Netbook, pero si una Tablet).

Ahora las empresas podrán crear aplicaciones de uso privado entre sus fuerzas de ventas, que permitan administrar el contenido que muestran en el campo sus clientes comerciales. Una aplicación que sincroniza, genera y permite editar presentaciones creadas en Keynote (el sistema para crear presentaciones en Mac). Estas aplicaciones podrán estar ligadas a los sistemas de SFA, CRM o eTMS, para dar seguimiento a lo que se muestra y cuánto tiempo dura cada mensaje frente al cliente, distribuir video, aplicaciones fáciles de usar de cotización, evaluación, etc, etc, etc. Aplicaciones que la plataforma de desarrollo para iPad, iPhone e iPod permite no sólo desarrollar facilmente, sino que proporciona una mejora y mas fácil manera de usarse. Las desventajas como la carencia de flash, usb, etc no son tan críticas y no se comparan con los beneficios

2.- Aplicaciones para el mercado de Madres e hijos
Definitivamente no creo que sustituya a las netbooks en las universidades, pero si permitirá a Mamás e hijos pequeños poder contar con un medio de entretenimiento e información. Este mercado encontrará mucho provecho en la iPad. Mostrar videos en el auto, tener un GPS y buscador local, tener acceso a herramientas de administración del hogar (lista del super, to do de pagos, agenda, etc...) es la nueva cartera de Mamá que además entretiene al niño y también a ella mientras espera en el coche o en las clases de natación... Fácil de usar y mucho mas práctica que una computadora. Sin problemas la iPad cabe en la bolsa de Mamá (y una netbook NO)

3.- Extensión technologica de jóvenes
La gran mayoría de jóvenes de 12 a 16 años, tengo entendido, utilizan mas PCs que Laptops o Netbooks y para algunos va a ser mas fácil cargar con una iPad en la backpack que una netbook, no porque no quieran usar una computadora, pero si prefieren un iPod mas grande... 300 amigos en Facebook se ven mejor en una pantalla mas grande que la del teléfono... el resto de contenido de entretenimiento (además del que se pueda desarrollar de apps para la escuela) son un tanto obvios y me los brincaré

4.- eReader y mi iPod
Yo soy un decepcionado usuario del Kindle de Amazon. Me gustó, pero no fue muy práctico, el Kindle merece el reconocimiento por su innovación, pero no por su experiencia de usuario... si puedes cargar varios libros, la tinta electrónica es muy práctica, es ligera... pero a algunos usuarios como a mi.. no me resolvió la experiencia de las revistas, mas que la de los libros y espero poder ver Fast Company, Businessweek, Wired, Inc, HBR y el WSJ en una iPad.

Los usos serán varios y la creatividad e innovación de los desarrolladores de aplicaciones nos impactarán en algunos meses. Yo definitivamente SI me compraré una en cuanto estén disponibles.

La movilidad para juegos, las capacidades de manejar mas info en un ambiente más fácil de usar, la portabilidad, etc... detonarán el progreso de las Netbooks y Tablet PCs, las cuales estabán mejorando, pero no evolucionando el concepto y eso es lo que sabe hacer mejor Apple.
Y bueno... pude estar por lo menos cerca de él... en este día tan memorable
(eso si, espero ya la evolución de Apple TV... urge)

(todavía no uso una, mis comentarios están basados en lo que vi, en haber adquirido un Kindle, en tener una Netbook y en haber intentado comprar varias Tablet PCs, pero no encontrar un beneficio real)

Gracias Apple