Sunday, November 15, 2009

A connected life. We are ready!

How is your product connected to the web?

Nowadays we can find a lot of new services online. There are new web tools almost everyday. Students, programmers, small, medium size companies and large corporations are developing and using these services.

We can find from Enterprise 2.0 tools to Crowd sourcing platforms (like Crowd Flower); from managing photos and share them with our families and friends to platforms to collaborate online with professional high resolution images; from the grandma webcam chat to the Telepresence meeting.

Anyway... we are getting used to these kind of things. It is becoming part of our regular way of thinking and living and what is next? we are creating, using and changing tons of data, data that we have to input to these services, sometimes uploading by one or by chunks, other times inputting data on fields. Data that lives many times in the thing that interact with us. We need easier ways to post information, not only different interfaces to browse and we need also things posting info by them selves.

Would it be possible to let the food I eat to send their nutritional data automatically ? when would it be possible to hang up a conference call and receive in automatic the tasks, agreements, etc? After taking a picture post this immediately tagging people, places, time etc?

There are pens now that record all your notes and send them to the web. Scales that post your weight to your personal data base... all of this without you plugging it into your computer.

What are you doing with your product (not your online product only) to publish info in an easier way? fast, safe, automatic? My TV, lights, notes, refrigerator, camera, etc.

I hope there are a lot of R&D teams, from ALL industries thinking about how and what for publish their information in an easier way to enhance their client experiences.

Share with us all the examples that you can find now, like LiveScribe (The pen that records your notes and meeting) ; The Scale from Withings.

The practices of connecting things to the web started some years ago and it is known as Web of Things. for more reference about this go to

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