Saturday, October 4, 2008

The marketing effectiveness analysis future

We have been looking for better ways to reach our customers and to deliver effective messages to them.

Behavioural Targeting gives us the opportunity to deliver messages to our audience, during its related to us decision process and through segmentation we can reach our potential consumers. These practices are evolving better day by day and their purpose is to give to marketing the ability to be more effective with the marketing investments. If we can deliver the right message to our potential consumers and/or if we reach them when they are planning to buy something from our category, then the marketing investment would be more product ivy, right? well, that is correct "in theory", but to have the information to analyze the segments and behaviours demands a lot of data and that process is not standardized (until today) between all the targeting and behavioural targeting vendors and consultants. There is now a new association looking for the standardization of the concepts and methods. Today some of them offers the same information, but they develop this knowledge based in different data and the outputs are different. Some of them are correct and some of them are not accurate, the risk in the future will be the lost of trust from the advertisers in these practices.

Thinking about what info could be the one that I as an advertiser would need or the one that would help me to analyze my segments, its behaviour and my marketing / channels effectiveness, I developed a simple ideal scenario, which I hope to see in the future (maybe by 2015)

It would be great to have a tag to follow all my customers cycles:

1.- The channel delivers a "tag" to its audience.
It will be great if the TV screen, newspaper, pc, radio or other channel could deliver a piece of data to its audience. Today almost all these channels can have a data delivery component and it can deliver it to other component in a wireless environment. The TV and laptop can deliver a piece of data to those consumers who are watching a TV ad or banner (any kind of internet ad). There is now also "ePaper" and we know that the future of paper is not in jeopardy, but it will evolve to dynamic paper, with electronic components, so it will be ready also to deliver data to its readers.

2.- The audience collect and host data from different channels
The channels are ready or almost ready to start delivering data to its audiences, but how the audience can receive it and host it? are we going to host a chip inside of our body? more or less... yes. Today the credit cards can host data and this data can interact with different channels. The chip in the cards would be able to host info from different channels and related to the ads and info that we saw. This info could be managed based on different business and gov rules, for privacy and also for data analysis, etc... the info could be also hosted in other different personal and portable receptors like music players, watches and mobile phones, so the data wont be only hosted in 01 (one) device, but in all our personal devices (to ensure be accurate)

3.- The transactions, buyers, ads, channels, demographics, etc are all together now.
When the consumer makes a purchase through any channel (life, telephone, internet or other) the ads info, frequency, channel and other could be delivered on regular bases and integrated with all the purchasing information at the point of purchase and with all of this info I can analyze what was the last ad, the frequency, my competence effectiveness, etc and obviously evolve from one consumer to all consumers and redefine, find or manage my current and future segments and their behaviours

If we can have all of this data, in an open environment, the advertisers will be more effective, but the most interesting thing for the consumers will be that this will increase the competence level between business and the winner always is the consumer. Better marketing, products, distribution etc its always the result of better competence. Today we keep hearing incredible sentences or superlative adjectives in almost all ads and we should be hearing only the true, so if we have an open environment the consumers can analyze also what is the best product for similar segments.

I am assuming that we will be able to deliver TV, radio and paper ads also based on targeting rules and behavioural strategies. The ads could be based on the watcher(s) id from phones, credit cards or other devices, if we can do this we will be able to deliver ads based on consumer(s) info, content and context. family wathcing a movie on starudary night, will be different to couple watching the same movie or a alone 40 year guy. so we will be able to deliver all the ads personalized

Well, maybe this is a dream, but that is why I will be looking forward to see in the future

This is a simple diagram to illustrate my idea