Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A mobile up-date from Yahoo! at MiXX

One of the mobile presentations that I saw, was from Yahoo!. I like to go to their presentations not only because I consider them a great platform but also because I used to work there.

well... the presentation was about Mobile Marketing and how this is growing, there are not new numbers as far as I saw. Every day more people are using their phone for web browsing which is nice, but these still are 20% of them. I did not see effectiveness studies about it and there is some doubts (from my side) regarding the future of the mobile display platform. The screen is short and if we add ads this could be very intrusive for the users, I do not know if the CTRs are less, but maybe the engagement is bigger. I see also in the near future a very big fight between the big players (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Yahoo! Go) and other platforms, trying to win in this arena. The benefit for the users is that they will be competing to get us (better users experience, apps, content, etc). So based on that I do not see standards in the near future.

What I do saw was a new Yahoo! application. One Connect http://mobile.yahoo.com/oneconnect/iphone is ready for the iPhone. This Y! application lets you integrate your contacts from different social networks, track all their status and also update from one source all your social status. I already tested it and works fine. I remember that the idea of this app was to be lunched early this year and with other phones, not only the iPhone (that is the bad thing). any way... the application is nice because lets you manage your contacts for the phone in your current contacts base (social sites), integrates SMS (only in the US) and its future could be very good if they evolve fast adding friends localization maps, voice messages to my firends and posted on their walls / emails. The ads could be something between viral and collaboration marketing, more than display (from my point of view)

well I will give more info in the future

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