Monday, September 22, 2008

The first session: Inventing: Interactive Shapes a New CMO

The speaker is the Chrysler CMO,
"Beyond awareness" was the slide from her that engaged me the most.

I was hoping to hear something different but, any way... We saw a very nice campaign that they will lunch for a new truck. They will create 5 different reality show webisodes (video episodes) in where the participants will need to win a race on their new trucks. I liked the production that they are developing for this strategy. what we saw was very well produced.

After the nice videos we saw the site that they will be using to host the webisodes and the will have a Yahoo! site (like the Pontiac some months ago, maybe more than a year now). A site with the videos, but also a site with info about groups , photos and answers about the truck, reality show participants and also the webisodes.

The take away for me is that Chrysler is investing every day more on-line and they are not experimenting any more, they are risking, really moving forward. I like that. They understood that 80% of their consumers starts their research on-line and not in an car dealer shop. Like cars, there are a lot of product and services, where their audiences uses more the web than any other channel, but the brand managers do not risk as the car industry is doing. Every day we see more like this efforts and I repeat again, this are not experiments, this is the tactic that a company with sales problems is implementing to solve it.

The site will be

Another thing that she mentioned, that I liked was "web driven communications strategies" she understands that today we influence perceptions and the users are there looking for info in order to build their own point of view... this reminds me "traffic management" I really believe that the brands are loosing opportunity on this win-win tactic. Consumers create (NOT SEED) social media based on their experience. If the product is good, the content will be great and the brand can advertise this content as a sponsored link, the creator wins traffic, the brand have the best content available, which is "True" experience content, the researcher receives best results as at the results page, etc... isn't this a great ecosystem? I am really pushing for it

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