Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do not copy these examples, make them your benchmark, your food for something new and good, but do not copy them

We have been talking about how to deliver a message or drive users to our message. Social Advertising, Traffic Management Marketing, Rich-Media, Behavioural Targeting, Mobile, etc... and what about the content of the message? the landing page? the site? the game? the beef of our message? many times great campaigns increase your expectation and the final destination is a total disappointment. Last MIXX finale, is a "Gala Award Night"where they award the best efforts in many categories: Brand Awareness, Product Lunch, Search Marketing Campaign, Mobile, Widget Marketing, etc... you can see all the winners at

What interested me the most was the ability of almost all of them to impress me. I consider my self some one who browse, surf, analyze, research and search a lot in the Internet world and I love to be in this kind of events, because its like a 2 hours (or 3) of creativity. Like a guided ride through the best places of the Internet, its like seen the future but you know is the past for them. Many times you want to be ahead but there are others who are really ahead.

I do not mean that I saw new technologies, but different and effective ways to support a commercial purpose through technology and really admire that and that is why I was so impressed. I respect the work of this guys and agencies. And I do not mean only that this are great graphical executions or awesome code, but all of that attached to a unique concept, which supports a commercial strategy.

I will talk about some examples:

1.- Layer Tennis.
what!!!!! yes... Adobe lunched a site
Adobe looked for a different way to advertise and lunch the CS3 (now Adobe is in its #4 Creative Suite, so this was lunched at least one year ago). Layer Tennis is a great concept, where every Friday there are design matches. The participants have 15 minutes to create something and posting (that is a volley or the length of a turn), then they post the result and the other competitor have other 15 minutes to add, change, edit or evolve the piece of art. Both competitors have 5 turns and at the end a panel of judges selects a winner. The viewers in the mean time can comment about each posted piece. WOW!!! right? the site is an archive of all the produced pieces and you can see past matches. ...Well all should be produced using CS3 and its the best advertising. Great and incredible pieces of art, produced in 15 minutes. The best part (for the business readers) is that through this tactic / channel, Adobe achieved more than 60% of its annual CS3 sales, and they did not spent a penny in other media advertising channels (off line).

The result is amazing and showed us the benefit of the digital marketing, through viral and social tactics and an open platform for the designers community.

2.- American Express Open Forum
Amex is looking to be a partner for business owners, and that is why it brings the platform and the content base for this site / community. It is a great site with guides, training information and blogs about finance, marketing, innovation, leadership and management. Do you want to know how can you have a B2B relationship using the social media, networking and web 2.0 new tactics? well Amex did it great and their goal was NOT to use the tech trendy tools, but they saw an opportunity to develop a better relationship with their client community in where they can provide something that their client community can consumer, maximize, growth and value.

These are only 2 examples of great strategies on the digital marketing arena. more than video, webinars, web 2.0, wikis, mobile, etc. these brands were taking risks and now they are receiving the benefits and showing to the rest of the industries how to take advantage of the on-line marketing

Is very frustrating to see how other brands copy the concepts. if could work for you, then do it, I do not agree but do it. Many times the brands copy with out an impact or benefit analysis, without trying to develop something tailor made for its own brand, some times brands just follow other brands and that is why I ask for the "Do not copy these examples, make them your benchmark, but do not copy them. I am sure that all can do something that fits their needs, that will helps the consumer, to the brand, to the media, etc... lets build and do not copy something as it is. You can take and apply best practices, that is different, but copycats are just wrong


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