Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Android,The Google's mobile platform is ready and I do not why I am angry....

First of all I am happy to see that they accomplished what they promised, even though many analysts envisioned that Google would fail on the Android Project delivery for this year.

Here you have a fast demo of the phone and the platform:

Ok... why this makes me angry?

Apple launched Macintosh in 1984, Microsoft was part of the application developers and had access to the Macintosh platform and information months before its launch. Months after the first Mac launch, Microsoft lunched Windows.
Mac only for Apple Computers and Windows for any other personal computer.

why is this relevant? I will copy and paste the paragraph above and I will replace only the name of the brands and the year.

Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, Google was part of the application developers and had access to the iPhone platform and information months before its launch. Months after the first iPhone launch, Google lunched Android. The iPhone software is only for Apple telehphones (so far) and Android for any other phone.

We know how the story evolves. Windows developed a not very good system (until now) but they own the pc market. Microsoft was able to bundle MS Office and they are the market leaders of the productivity applications and finally they were able to take Netscape out of the business, because they bundled Internet Explorer and they forced to their partners to take out Netscape from the pre-sold pcs. Microsoft has a monopoly thanks to windows and they did it based on a stole idea / creation.

Are we going to experience the same with Google? Apple will never learn? Why Google complains about Microsoft if they are doing the same in other arenas like mobile, display advertising, browsers, productivity apps, etc...?

I am a Google user but a monopoly decelerate innovation and we are not ready yet to slow down. The Internet opened again the technology race, but the years before it were the worst in software innovation .

This is another Android video, this is from Google. you will see why I am so angry

By the way... and related to the new Microsoft ad

I am a forced pc at work but I am a Mac at home, an Apple TV, an iPod touch and an iPhone. And I also ware glasses


Anonymous said...

EW! your English is terrible. If you have to post nonsense, at least do it in a language you are proficient at to save yourself the embarrassment when people make fun of you....

Gzones1974 said...

Are you a fan of 2008 blog posts?
You are right about the grammar, but thanks to you I was able to read my post again and I found it very accurate. :)
I can translate this to any language, I can hire an english poet to make it look grammatically perfect and enjoyable, but at the end... the content and my opinion will be the same... thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment. Grammar is key to share ideas effectively, you are 100% right.