Monday, September 22, 2008

The afternoon at MIXX (Engagement Mapping and Behavioural Targeting)

Engagement Mapping

On February of this year Microsoft announced their proposal of the Engagement Mapping as a new standard to measure the impact of digital campaigns.

And yesterday the talked to us about a compression that they did versus the last ad theory. They also published a communication about it at

The engagement mapping really liked me. I do not see it as a standard to start using now, but we are soon to that measure methods. The advertisers look for this info, but the agencies and the publishers are not ready yet. It is not that difficult to start doing this, but you need some one helping you to set up the tag pixel (to track the ad effectiveness) and also some one to interpret it in the right way.

You can find more info at

The things that I like the most:

To measure our ad campaigns, we need to have conversion metrics, and Microsoft propose the following conversion attribution:

Conversion Attribution = Frequency / Recency / Ad Size / Rich Media (Day part, order, targeted, interactions

Other thing that I liked is that we can see the benefit or the integration of Atlas into Microsoft, after they bought them you can see the real benefit of this synergy. The Atlas knowledge and the Microsoft power. that is nice and we are still expecting something more impressive from Google and Double Click and Yahoo! with Right Media and BL (maybe this week we will hear more about APEX, which is one of the integrations of Right Media with Yahoo!)


Later... I participated on a behavioural targeting session and I can not say to much about it. I can see that Behavioural Targeting, Mobile and Metrics are the top topics, but regarding BT, I can read from the speakers that this is on the future, "you can start now"but there is not enough data to move forward for the behaviour that you are targeting... so... if you are selling mid-prize cars BT is ready for you... but the benefits are not clear either...

WOW!!!! really... I think this will be big (not very, very big) and will be part of all the advertising, but right now is more an experiment for the brands than the thing to do. My conclusion is: if you have money and you can experiment do it now, help the industry to evolve about this, but if you are not ready for digital marketing yet, start but do not use BT as part of your strategy (only if you sell cars)

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