Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do not copy these examples, make them your benchmark, your food for something new and good, but do not copy them

We have been talking about how to deliver a message or drive users to our message. Social Advertising, Traffic Management Marketing, Rich-Media, Behavioural Targeting, Mobile, etc... and what about the content of the message? the landing page? the site? the game? the beef of our message? many times great campaigns increase your expectation and the final destination is a total disappointment. Last MIXX finale, is a "Gala Award Night"where they award the best efforts in many categories: Brand Awareness, Product Lunch, Search Marketing Campaign, Mobile, Widget Marketing, etc... you can see all the winners at

What interested me the most was the ability of almost all of them to impress me. I consider my self some one who browse, surf, analyze, research and search a lot in the Internet world and I love to be in this kind of events, because its like a 2 hours (or 3) of creativity. Like a guided ride through the best places of the Internet, its like seen the future but you know is the past for them. Many times you want to be ahead but there are others who are really ahead.

I do not mean that I saw new technologies, but different and effective ways to support a commercial purpose through technology and really admire that and that is why I was so impressed. I respect the work of this guys and agencies. And I do not mean only that this are great graphical executions or awesome code, but all of that attached to a unique concept, which supports a commercial strategy.

I will talk about some examples:

1.- Layer Tennis.
what!!!!! yes... Adobe lunched a site
Adobe looked for a different way to advertise and lunch the CS3 (now Adobe is in its #4 Creative Suite, so this was lunched at least one year ago). Layer Tennis is a great concept, where every Friday there are design matches. The participants have 15 minutes to create something and posting (that is a volley or the length of a turn), then they post the result and the other competitor have other 15 minutes to add, change, edit or evolve the piece of art. Both competitors have 5 turns and at the end a panel of judges selects a winner. The viewers in the mean time can comment about each posted piece. WOW!!! right? the site is an archive of all the produced pieces and you can see past matches. ...Well all should be produced using CS3 and its the best advertising. Great and incredible pieces of art, produced in 15 minutes. The best part (for the business readers) is that through this tactic / channel, Adobe achieved more than 60% of its annual CS3 sales, and they did not spent a penny in other media advertising channels (off line).

The result is amazing and showed us the benefit of the digital marketing, through viral and social tactics and an open platform for the designers community.

2.- American Express Open Forum
Amex is looking to be a partner for business owners, and that is why it brings the platform and the content base for this site / community. It is a great site with guides, training information and blogs about finance, marketing, innovation, leadership and management. Do you want to know how can you have a B2B relationship using the social media, networking and web 2.0 new tactics? well Amex did it great and their goal was NOT to use the tech trendy tools, but they saw an opportunity to develop a better relationship with their client community in where they can provide something that their client community can consumer, maximize, growth and value.

These are only 2 examples of great strategies on the digital marketing arena. more than video, webinars, web 2.0, wikis, mobile, etc. these brands were taking risks and now they are receiving the benefits and showing to the rest of the industries how to take advantage of the on-line marketing

Is very frustrating to see how other brands copy the concepts. if could work for you, then do it, I do not agree but do it. Many times the brands copy with out an impact or benefit analysis, without trying to develop something tailor made for its own brand, some times brands just follow other brands and that is why I ask for the "Do not copy these examples, make them your benchmark, but do not copy them. I am sure that all can do something that fits their needs, that will helps the consumer, to the brand, to the media, etc... lets build and do not copy something as it is. You can take and apply best practices, that is different, but copycats are just wrong

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Android,The Google's mobile platform is ready and I do not why I am angry....

First of all I am happy to see that they accomplished what they promised, even though many analysts envisioned that Google would fail on the Android Project delivery for this year.

Here you have a fast demo of the phone and the platform:

Ok... why this makes me angry?

Apple launched Macintosh in 1984, Microsoft was part of the application developers and had access to the Macintosh platform and information months before its launch. Months after the first Mac launch, Microsoft lunched Windows.
Mac only for Apple Computers and Windows for any other personal computer.

why is this relevant? I will copy and paste the paragraph above and I will replace only the name of the brands and the year.

Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, Google was part of the application developers and had access to the iPhone platform and information months before its launch. Months after the first iPhone launch, Google lunched Android. The iPhone software is only for Apple telehphones (so far) and Android for any other phone.

We know how the story evolves. Windows developed a not very good system (until now) but they own the pc market. Microsoft was able to bundle MS Office and they are the market leaders of the productivity applications and finally they were able to take Netscape out of the business, because they bundled Internet Explorer and they forced to their partners to take out Netscape from the pre-sold pcs. Microsoft has a monopoly thanks to windows and they did it based on a stole idea / creation.

Are we going to experience the same with Google? Apple will never learn? Why Google complains about Microsoft if they are doing the same in other arenas like mobile, display advertising, browsers, productivity apps, etc...?

I am a Google user but a monopoly decelerate innovation and we are not ready yet to slow down. The Internet opened again the technology race, but the years before it were the worst in software innovation .

This is another Android video, this is from Google. you will see why I am so angry

By the way... and related to the new Microsoft ad

I am a forced pc at work but I am a Mac at home, an Apple TV, an iPod touch and an iPhone. And I also ware glasses

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A mobile up-date from Yahoo! at MiXX

One of the mobile presentations that I saw, was from Yahoo!. I like to go to their presentations not only because I consider them a great platform but also because I used to work there.

well... the presentation was about Mobile Marketing and how this is growing, there are not new numbers as far as I saw. Every day more people are using their phone for web browsing which is nice, but these still are 20% of them. I did not see effectiveness studies about it and there is some doubts (from my side) regarding the future of the mobile display platform. The screen is short and if we add ads this could be very intrusive for the users, I do not know if the CTRs are less, but maybe the engagement is bigger. I see also in the near future a very big fight between the big players (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Yahoo! Go) and other platforms, trying to win in this arena. The benefit for the users is that they will be competing to get us (better users experience, apps, content, etc). So based on that I do not see standards in the near future.

What I do saw was a new Yahoo! application. One Connect is ready for the iPhone. This Y! application lets you integrate your contacts from different social networks, track all their status and also update from one source all your social status. I already tested it and works fine. I remember that the idea of this app was to be lunched early this year and with other phones, not only the iPhone (that is the bad thing). any way... the application is nice because lets you manage your contacts for the phone in your current contacts base (social sites), integrates SMS (only in the US) and its future could be very good if they evolve fast adding friends localization maps, voice messages to my firends and posted on their walls / emails. The ads could be something between viral and collaboration marketing, more than display (from my point of view)

well I will give more info in the future

Monday, September 22, 2008

The afternoon at MIXX (Engagement Mapping and Behavioural Targeting)

Engagement Mapping

On February of this year Microsoft announced their proposal of the Engagement Mapping as a new standard to measure the impact of digital campaigns.

And yesterday the talked to us about a compression that they did versus the last ad theory. They also published a communication about it at

The engagement mapping really liked me. I do not see it as a standard to start using now, but we are soon to that measure methods. The advertisers look for this info, but the agencies and the publishers are not ready yet. It is not that difficult to start doing this, but you need some one helping you to set up the tag pixel (to track the ad effectiveness) and also some one to interpret it in the right way.

You can find more info at

The things that I like the most:

To measure our ad campaigns, we need to have conversion metrics, and Microsoft propose the following conversion attribution:

Conversion Attribution = Frequency / Recency / Ad Size / Rich Media (Day part, order, targeted, interactions

Other thing that I liked is that we can see the benefit or the integration of Atlas into Microsoft, after they bought them you can see the real benefit of this synergy. The Atlas knowledge and the Microsoft power. that is nice and we are still expecting something more impressive from Google and Double Click and Yahoo! with Right Media and BL (maybe this week we will hear more about APEX, which is one of the integrations of Right Media with Yahoo!)


Later... I participated on a behavioural targeting session and I can not say to much about it. I can see that Behavioural Targeting, Mobile and Metrics are the top topics, but regarding BT, I can read from the speakers that this is on the future, "you can start now"but there is not enough data to move forward for the behaviour that you are targeting... so... if you are selling mid-prize cars BT is ready for you... but the benefits are not clear either...

WOW!!!! really... I think this will be big (not very, very big) and will be part of all the advertising, but right now is more an experiment for the brands than the thing to do. My conclusion is: if you have money and you can experiment do it now, help the industry to evolve about this, but if you are not ready for digital marketing yet, start but do not use BT as part of your strategy (only if you sell cars)

The first session: Inventing: Interactive Shapes a New CMO

The speaker is the Chrysler CMO,
"Beyond awareness" was the slide from her that engaged me the most.

I was hoping to hear something different but, any way... We saw a very nice campaign that they will lunch for a new truck. They will create 5 different reality show webisodes (video episodes) in where the participants will need to win a race on their new trucks. I liked the production that they are developing for this strategy. what we saw was very well produced.

After the nice videos we saw the site that they will be using to host the webisodes and the will have a Yahoo! site (like the Pontiac some months ago, maybe more than a year now). A site with the videos, but also a site with info about groups , photos and answers about the truck, reality show participants and also the webisodes.

The take away for me is that Chrysler is investing every day more on-line and they are not experimenting any more, they are risking, really moving forward. I like that. They understood that 80% of their consumers starts their research on-line and not in an car dealer shop. Like cars, there are a lot of product and services, where their audiences uses more the web than any other channel, but the brand managers do not risk as the car industry is doing. Every day we see more like this efforts and I repeat again, this are not experiments, this is the tactic that a company with sales problems is implementing to solve it.

The site will be

Another thing that she mentioned, that I liked was "web driven communications strategies" she understands that today we influence perceptions and the users are there looking for info in order to build their own point of view... this reminds me "traffic management" I really believe that the brands are loosing opportunity on this win-win tactic. Consumers create (NOT SEED) social media based on their experience. If the product is good, the content will be great and the brand can advertise this content as a sponsored link, the creator wins traffic, the brand have the best content available, which is "True" experience content, the researcher receives best results as at the results page, etc... isn't this a great ecosystem? I am really pushing for it

Mixx 2.8 and Advertising Week V

I'm on my way to Mixx I will try to blogg my ideas, conclusions and points of view of the different sessions in where I will be participating. Mixx is the official interactive partner of Advertising Week V, which also started today.