Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pay Per Session at Social Networking Sites

Last week, I had the opportunitty to went to the IAB Event "User Generated Content & Social Media" in NYC.

There, a panel inspired me an idea about how to advertise at the Social Networking Sites.

The idea is simple. To have the opportunity to pay per user session and not per million. The behavioral and profile filters could be the same, but the advertisers should have the opportunity to select a users session as the unit to advertise.

To do this we should have from the publisher the capability to identify the usual lenght of a session per user, per profile, per group, etc. Also the kind of session (entertainment, professional, informative, etc) At the buying process the advertiser could be able to select: The group age, gender, geography, preferences and after that, the kind of session where they should see their ads. For example: select males, from Brazil, who have rock as part of their preffered music and I select also the "Entertainment" session and less than 10 minutes. That will give me the potential sessions that I would be able to reach. Then the ads will appear only when the publisher identifies that the user is at an Entertainment session.

How does the publisher could identify the kind of session? by users behavior.
What would be different from behavioral targeting? the lenght time.
Why the lenght time is important? Acctually that is the key.

Today a banner is diplayed at any time and the CTR is low at these kind of sites. why? its oubyous for me. What would happen if Coca Cola, J&J or someone else deliver an ad to you when you just arrived to eat with your friends, or at the middle of a good chat or a great story? The chances to see the ad is low, and the chances to get involve with the ad... lower. And would happen if the brand participates since the biginning as a sponsor, but at the end is when delivers the marketing impact?. When you get up from the chair, on your way to the door... you see the ad of the brand that sponsored (brand presence) part of the services that you consume.

My proposal for the brands is to have a low presence during the user's session and deliver the banner at the end of it. The users will see less banners during the sessions and they will see the brand as a sponsor of the services (for example, they will see the "coca-cola" logo next to the Fun Wall, or at the notifications but when the systems identify that you are about to go out, finish or to change the kind of session in where you are participating... boom it shows you the banner. This could be a click per session performance model, where the cost will be higher but the effectiviness would be better.

This is only an idea... There are opporuntities here for the publishers, the ad networks, the advertisers and the banner serving software companies or services.

What do you think? your comments will be useful


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