Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do you know what your consumer is thinking about you... NOW?

Web 2.0 is more than Facebook or My Space. We already mentioned some ideas about how to use Social Networking sites for our marketing purposes. Today I will talk about some other Web 2.0 applications that are interesting for digital marketing:

One great characteristic about the web 2.0 is the ability to give feedback after reading every kind of publication. I don’t only mean that users can now write blogs, but now the users can rate or comment on official news. This is becoming a great way to hear our clients and consumers. Now there are some tools that let the marketers search what the users are posting.

Search Comments on News sites: Instant Bull is a great tool that helps you to find brand-related comments on financial sites like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Investor Village, and others. You just search a company name and Instant Bull will bring results in a matrix. The searcher will then be able see posts from the searched brand were published in the last hours, days or last week. The searcher can also see all of these comments on the same page. So... if you are looking for information about how your investors or consumers reacted after reading a specific news article, Instant Bull will help you.

Look for the latest blogs about you (Blogs Search): Everyday we can find thousands of new blogs and millions of new posts in active blogs. Maybe there are hundreds or millions of these blogs related to our brands and we don't know what they are talking about. Well it is not new that there are great blog directories and search engines where you can find many recently-published blogs. Also in some of these tools, it is possible to search a blog based on its popularity. Google Blog Search, Technoarti, Digg (you can search for blogs and news) and BuzzTracker are a few great examples. It will be great if you could be aware of the latest and most popular blogs about your brand. Do you want to hear your consumer? Now you can read it.

What doubts do they have about my brand? (Answers); My last example is related to Q&A. Today the Q&A social applications are growing very fast. These apps are also known as Social Search platforms. Here the users are able to create or search questions, categorize them, and post them. Then the community will answer. These are great tools. If you can't find something on regular search engines, you can try these apps. Post your question and maybe you will receive the answer you were looking for. The interesting fact for the marketers is that they are able to monitor what the community is asking and answering, related to its products or services. That is amazing!!! it's a continuous focus group where you are not only hearing your consumers' answers, but also watching their most common questions. Some examples are: Yahoo! Answers, Minti, Say-so and the "Answers" category at Linked In.

There are other options: Social Bookmarking; Mashups, on-line opinions (like the ones at Amazon or and many more that you should us to look for consumer insights.

I talked about how to use all this information in my "traffic marketing" post. I know that if we maximize search marketing plus the users' publications, we would be providing value to our clients and consumers!

These are some great examples about how you can track and monitor what your consumer is saying and sharing with the world. You are watching what they decide to express to the community just because they want to. You know the relevance and value of this information. It is amazing that the consumer publishes his ideas and thoughts without an economical reward or payment.

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